Trip to Crow Agency, Montana


Early this spring, Mary Lou casually asked, Why don’t we go with the team to Montana this year?  I excitedly agreed as this was the first missions trip in which she had ever expressed interest.  Mary Lou said she had wanted to go in 2008 when Dan and Charlene Cramer, our pastors first went with Ed and Lorrie Slonchka and the team.  We had 22 people on the team.  The team enjoyed the hospitality of St. Dennis Parish where the men stayed in the church building and the women stayed in the home of Sister Loretta.  Part of the team assisted with Vacation Bible School and part of the team painted a home in the community.  We wrapped up the week with the opening of Crow Fair - the biggest Powwow in America at Teepee capitol of the world!

Travel to Site - The team traveled in several pieces.

Life at Crow Agency - We weren’t always working.

Battlefield Tour - After service, we were treated to a tour of Little Big Horn Battefield.

VBS - Over 60 local children attended Vacation Bible School

Home Facelift - In three days, the team replaced broken windows and doors & paint.

Team Life - We ate well and enjoyed fellowship together.

Little Big Horn College - Higher Education in Crow Agency

Crow Fair Grand Entry - The Thursday evening kick-off event of Crow Fair Activities.

Crow Fair Parade - The Friday morning parade through the Fair Grounds.

Farewell - Friday after parade, our last meal together as a full team and saying goodbyes.

Below - Google Earth view of Crow Agency.  St. Dennis church is white square to left of Interstate interchange.  The community where we painted was immediately below St. Dennis.  The little shopping area is immediately across the highway.  The fair grounds are at lower right. Little Big Horn battlefield is just south of this picture.


Teepee Capitol of the World - Above 100’s of teepees at Crow Fair