Living in Kyushu


What was first offered as a two week trip is now expected to be an 18 month assignment doing inspections of product in Ariake near Fukuoka Japan.  I left Pittsburgh on a cold, snowy morning Monday January 4 and arrived late Tuesday evening in Fukuoka.  Here are photos that help you to share my experience. 

Traveling to Japan - Starting out in US to Japan

Google Earth - Screen shots show where I live, travel and work.

Traveling in Japan - Going from Tokyo/Narita to Fukuoka

First Day - On Wednesday, I took 7:25 train from Fukuoka to Nagasu station arriving 8:30.

Second Day - Exploring Omuta.  I had considered staying at the hotel there.

Friday First Week - I snapped photos throughout the day with my iPhone.

Saturday Inspection - We worked Saturday to make up for New Year holiday Monday.

Sunday Service - My first visit to Ariake Bible Church in Arao.

A Bride of Christ - Somewhat typical, but Christian, Japanese Funeral

Ubiquitous English - English appears to be an Integral Part of Japanese culture.

Beach Walk - On Jan 17, I found the best way to get to church - a walk along the beach. 

Tide Out - On Jan 24, I walked along the beach again - this time the tide was way out.

Visit to Kumomoto - Spectacular castle fascinated me.

Kana - Familiar words in Unfamiliar Script

Computer Software - Tour of Bookstore gives idea of what is popular here.

Great Church - Hakata New Life Church sings of the city. 

Mount Aso - Popular Tourist Destination in Central Kyushu

Amakusa - Day Trip Saturday October 23, 2010 through Roman Catholic area of Japan

Christmas in Kyushu - Starting November 10 (Before Thanksgiving as in US)

Hitoyoshi - Scenic Trip Saturday November 27 along Kumagawa River to Hitoyoshi

Huis Ten Bosch - Day Trip Saturday December 4, 2010 to Dutch Theme Park Near Nagasaki

Travel to Osaka - I celebrated my 60th birthday with a visit to a subvendor in Osaka.

Osaka Castle -  After visit to subvendor, we did some touring.

Tanaka Wedding - Hiromu Tanaka Takes Rhema Sinbara as His Bride Saturday, February 12


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